Flooring Systems

Over the past 10 years we have installed over 5500 floor systems in Nashville & Middle Tennessee. What makes our company stand heads above the rest is our expertise and experience of installing the highest quality products. We have worked with the manufacturers to develop excellent floor systems to match various floor applications: garage floors, patios, pool decks, industrial, and commercial. Call Us Today! 615.844.3393

Non-skid floor Protects against breakdown from:

  • Oil
  • Gas
  • Transmission Fluid    
  • Brake Fluid    
  • Repairable if damage is caused due to failure of the substrate of the concrete

Our Tough, Skid Resistant Floors Are Ideal for Commercial Applications

The durability of an TGG Garage Builders floor coating system is proven over thousands of installations throughout Nashville & Middle Tennessee. It will stand up to extreme conditions that is expected of a commercial flooring system. TGG Garage Builders floor coating systems will remain as shiny and beautiful looking like the day it was installed.

Types of Floor Systems

Chip Floor Systems
  • Grey chip flooring
  • light grey chip flooring
Quartz Floor Systems
Metallic Floor Systems
Solid Floor Systems
Polished Concrete Floor Systems

Designing a Floor System

The preparation process of a TGG coating system is just as vital to the final result as the quality of the product being installed on the floor. We install a 40mil system that builds a floor that will last. This floor coating system is so strong it can withstand dropped tools without chipping.

With all our coating systems the process starts with diamond grinding and shot blast preparation folowed by any patching and repairing that might be necessary.

Once the floor is prepped, it is possible we will recommend applying a primer coat to create an even substrate for the new floor coating system to be installed on.

Chips and quartzite are spread on the floor by hand to approximately 20mils. Then we cast product until refusal.

The last steps are to scrape the floor in order to profile the finished look of the floor and apply a top coat. These are special skills that take time and finesse to ensure the floor coating system is not scarred.




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