4 Things to Look for In a Garage Floor Coating

4 Things to Look for In a Garage Floor Coating

When you’re ready to turn your under-utilized garage space into an useable, workable dream space, one of the first considerations is garage floor coatings.  There are several options out there including: epoxy floor coatings, polyaspartic garage floor systems, floor paints, stains, sealers and  sealed chip flooring systems.  Whether you’re going with a simple DIY paint coating or looking at a professional chip flooring system, we’ve put together a list of the top 4 things to consider.

Looks and ‘feel’

Often times just about ANYTHING will look better than your current concrete slab surface, especially if it’s stained or cracked.  A self painted garage floor can be a big improvement and a professionally installed garage flooring system can be a HUGE improvement aesthetically.  A professionally installed quartz, metallic or chip flooring system installed by TGG Garage Builders will enhance beauty by adding depth, strength and integrity to your current garage floor, which brings us to our next point; durability.


You’re a homeowner who’s ready to beautify your garage floors, but the question you should be asking is “How long will they STAY beautiful?”  A professional flooring system such as our Liquid Armor and Liquid Armor 1 Day flooring system is designed to stay beautiful for years without chipping, cracking or staining. 

A professionally installed polyaspartic or epoxy floor coating will stand up to breakdown from:

• Oil

• Gas

• Transmission Fluid    

• Brake Fluid

• Dropped Tools

• Repairable if damage is caused due to failure of the substrate of the concrete

A professional floor coating system will remain as shiny and beautiful looking as the day it was installed.


It’s tons of fun making a mess in the garage, but I don’t think any of us truly enjoy cleaning up a mess, regardless of where it is.  A professional, skid and stain resistant floor should be easy and simply to clean and maintain. One advantage of chip and quartz garage flooring systems is that they are hard to spot dust and debris on, so you there’s no need for constant dusting and cleaning to maintain a comfortable work or play space.


This is perhaps the most important factor when considering a garage flooring system.  Nobody wants to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a flooring system with no assurance that it will last.

It’s vitally important to look at both the warranty and the history of the company.  Many companies will shut down and reopen under a different name every few years and are no longer liable for the warranty service under the old company name.  TGG Garage builders is one of Nashville’s longest running garage enhancement companies and offers a rock solid warranty that is one of the best in the mid south.

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