4 Reasons Chip Floors Are Better Than Smooth Coatings

4 Reasons Chip Floors Are Better Than Smooth Coatings

There are so many garage floor finishes to choose from, including: epoxy or poly-aspartic garage floor systems, chip floors, quartz chip floors, metallic chip floors, solid metallic coatings, solid opaque coatings, clear coats, polished concrete, and the list goes on and on.  It can be overwhelming trying to narrow down your options. 

In this article, we’re going to discuss 3 reasons why a chip flooring system may be the best heavy duty option for your garage. 

1. Durability
A chip flooring system is built up from the concrete pad before the coating is applied, giving your floor an extra layer of protection from dropped tools and equipment.  Even if you manage to damage a TGG Liquid Armor chip flooring system (good luck with that), you’re more likely to damage the easily repaired chip layer than the actual concrete. 

With a solid coating such as paint or clear coat your concrete pad is more exposed.  If you were to drop an engine block or transmission on that sucker, it’s MUCH more likely to crack the concrete as well as the coating. 

2. Repairability
As discussed in our first point, Chip flooring systems are much more easily repaired than solid coatings.  This is in part due to the extra layer of protection from the chip layer, but also due to the aesthetics of a chip floor system.  A good garage flooring expert can much more quickly and cost effectively match a spot of damaged chip floor than a polished concrete or smooth metallic coating.

3. Cleanliness/maintenance
Let’s be honest….most of us love making a mess, but truly hate cleaning it up.  A chip floor system isn’t technically any cleaner, but because of the chip pattern hides any dust, dirt or debris far better than a smooth coating. 

4. Safety
Safety in your home work or play space is paramount.  Whether you are playing table tennis, repairing your fleet of powersports toys or enjoying a few cold beverages with the neighbors, a chip floor is a much more slip resistant surface.  A small spill on a solid floor can quickly turn a night of working or entertaining into a showing of Disney on Ice. 

In our next article, we will discuss where and when a solid coating is the ideal choice for your garage, basement or really any indoor space.  However, chip flooring systems are the ideal choice if you’re looking for a rugged, long lasting, safe and low maintenance floor system for your garage.

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