Garage Cabinets: What To Look For

Garage Cabinets: What To Look For

There’s a lot to think about when choosing a Garage Cabinet Vendor: Pricing, Quality/Durability and Customization all rank at the top of most homeowners’ minds.  In this article, we try to help you find the best balance between these 3 major considerations when buying a garage cabinet system.

1. Price

From pre-fabricated big box store cabinet systems such as those from stores like The Home Depot or Lowes, to completely custom professionally installed cabinet systems, there is a wide spectrum of prices to consider. However, you may be surprised to find that when cost of install, whether it’s time spent, or the cost of an install from a big-box vendor can often either cost the same or even eclipse the cost of a custom job.


2. Durability/Quality

We at TGG Garage Builders often factor durability into the cost of a project.  If you’re looking for a system that only needs to be build once, a custom manufacturer is often the way to go.  If you’re having to replace cabinets that aren’t designed to handle storage of your heavy tools or gear, you’re losing money in the long run.

TGG Garage Builders garage cabinet systems are built with a wood core melamine, which is built tough and made to last. Our shelves won’t bow, are highly stain resistant and should moisture find its way into our cabinets, they are FAR less likely to warp or degrade than a typical cabinet system. 

A lot of cabinet systems also rely on floor supports, which eliminates valuable storage space, compromises level (garage floors are typically sloped for drainage) and makes them more susceptible to water damage.  TGG cabinet systems are a true off-the-floor mounting system which leaves not only plenty of extra storage space for ladders, scaffolding etc. but also makes for a system that is very easy to clean and durable.



3. Customization


A big factor when designing your garage space is customization. Every homeowner’s ideal situation is one in which their storage system is streamlined and well integrated into their new work or play space.  Much more planning on the part of the homeowner is required when buying a pre-fabricated cabinet system over a fully customized system.  With a custom system, all the guess work is taken out of the equation.

Another pitfall of pre-fab systems is the awkward use of space that can often result when what’s available from a local retailer doesn’t fit your space perfectly.  TGG cabinet lines are cut with computer controlled precision using modern CNC technology.  This means that your cabinets are designed and perfectly cut down to the millimeter.  We can also seamlessly integrate wall storage systems and work benches into your garage cabinet system.   

Perhaps the biggest advantage of using a 100% local, 100% custom garage enhancement company is the finish options.  At TGG we have an exceptionally wide array of colors and finishes including: Powder coated, metallic and wood grain finishes.  A custom operation such as ours can match the vision you have for your space in a way that can’t be achieved with pre fabricated materials.


If you’re in the market for a garage storage solution, you may be surprised to find that you can find the durability and customizable features we offer at a very attractive price….especially when time and stress of a DIY project are brought into perspective.  Call TGG Garage Builders today at 615.302.0006 today for more information.

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